The Uplifters
The Uplifters
From Network TV to Skid Row

From Network TV to Skid Row

Eyvette Jones Johnson’s Journey to Wholeness

Welcome to the The Uplifters Podcast!

In episode 27 of The Uplifters Podcast, you’ll meet the incredible Eyvette Jones Johnson. She's an award-winning empowerment educator, a game changer in LA's Skid Row, and a narrative intelligence expert. Discover how she went from network TV to transforming lives on Skid Row, and why self-care and daily practices are the keys to making a real impact in the world. Big thanks to the wonderful

for nominating Eyvette for The Uplifters.

🌟 In this episode, you'll learn:

  • The importance of self-care and recognizing early warning signals.

  • How to cultivate daily practices for personal growth and empowerment.

  • The magic of narrative intelligence and its impact on your life.

  • Practical breathing exercises to enhance your well-being.

Don't miss out on Eyvette's invaluable wisdom and her journey to full-cup living. Tune in now for an inspiring and uplifting conversation!

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Episode Summary

Segment 1: Meet Eyvette Jones Johnson

- Introduction to Eyvette and her impressive background in network TV.

- Eyvette's transition to becoming a game changer on LA Skid Row.

Segment 2: The Importance of Self-Care

- Eyvette's realization of the necessity of self-care.

- The physical and mental toll of not prioritizing self-care.

- Recognizing early warning signals and the need for self-awareness.

Segment 3: Daily Practices for Empowerment

- Eyvette's daily self-care practices.

- The power of breathwork and meditation.

- The role of self-awareness in personal growth.

Segment 4: Narrative Intelligence

- Eyvette's teachings on narrative intelligence.

- How our internal stories shape our beliefs and actions.

- Techniques for gaining conscious awareness of our narratives.

Segment 5: The Magic of Daily Practices

- Aransas and Eyvette discuss the transformative power of consistent self-care practices.

- How daily practices can align us with our purpose and energy.

Segment 6: The Impact of Full-Cup Living

- Eyvette shares her personal transformation and how her life became unrecognizable.

- The merging of one's calling, purpose, and well-being.

Segment 7: Practical Breathing Exercises

- Eyvette guides listeners through simple breathing exercises to enhance self-awareness and vitality.

- The benefits of breathwork and integrating it into daily life.

The Uplifters
The Uplifters
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