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Episode 62: Jennifer Maanavi Is Proving That Flubs, Flops, and Pivots Are the Secret Sauce for Lasting Success

Episode 62: Jennifer Maanavi Is Proving That Flubs, Flops, and Pivots Are the Secret Sauce for Lasting Success


In business, and life, everything is figureoutbable and every story can be rewritten. You can make progress each day with your biggest goals if you lean on your confidence, tenacity, resources and networks.

Have you ever felt the exhilarating rush of taking a leap into the unknown? Jennifer Maanavi certainly has. In the latest episode of The Uplifters Podcast, the CEO and founder of Physique 57 takes us on her entrepreneurial journey - from the serendipitous discovery of a life-changing exercise method to the bold decision to start her own business with zero experience.

With refreshing candor, Jennifer shares the twists, turns, and "oh crap" moments that have defined her path, reminding us that even the most successful ventures are paved with missteps and course corrections. From the demise of the DVD empire to the disruption of ClassPass, Jennifer's ability to embrace change and find opportunities in adversity is a lesson in resilience.

But it's her admission that she still messes things up - like accidentally taking down her company's entire cloud system just last week - that makes Jennifer a role model for aspiring entrepreneurs everywhere. Because true leaders don't pretend to have all the answers; they lead by example, with humility, hard work, and a willingness to learn through doing.

5 Uplifting Lessons from Jennifer:

1. The power of "Why not you?" When you believe in yourself and your vision, age and inexperience become irrelevant.

2. A sense of urgency trumps overthinking. Sometimes, you just have to take the leap and figure it out as you go.

3. Mistakes are inevitable; a growth mindset is essential. Embracing setbacks as learning opportunities is the path to resilience.

4. Work-life balance is a myth; strive for "work-life flow" instead. Prioritize what matters most in each season.

5. Stay humble and attuned to your market. When the winds shift, adapt promptly rather than forcing your original plan.

With candor, humor, and a refreshing lack of ego, Jennifer Maanavi reminds us that purposeful work and fulfilling lives aren't about having all the answers but about showing up wholeheartedly every day as our imperfect, ever-evolving selves.

Uplifters, have you ever believed that you need to be perfect or know all of the answers in order to start something new?

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Jennifer Maanavi is the CEO and cofounder of Physique 57, a global barre fitness and media company founded in 2006, offering a specialized fitness experience in boutique studios worldwide and through numerous digital platforms. Jennifer is a connection, impact, and purpose-focused leader. Serving as Strategic Advisor to several companies in the wellness space, she has a passion for high-growth B2C health and wellness companies whose mission is to improve the well-being of their communities. You can follow Jennifer here and Physique 57 here.

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