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Kristy Jeansonne is Choosing Love Over Fear in the Face of ALS

Kristy Jeansonne is Choosing Love Over Fear in the Face of ALS

Episode 58

I don’t have room for fear on my plate.

-Kristy Jeansonne

The COVID-19 pandemic brought the world to a screeching halt, but for Kristy Jeansonne, life took an even more unexpected turn. As the weeks of lockdown ticked by, her husband Brian's sprained ankle stubbornly refused to heal.

With doctor’s offices closed, it took a stroke of luck - a pediatrician friend's plea into the void of an online medical community - to finally get answers. But those answers knocked the wind out of Kristy, Brian, and their five children. Amidst the eerie silence of a shuttered hospital, a doctor delivered the life-altering diagnosis: Brian had ALS, a brutal neurodegenerative disease.

Though the Jeansonne family was shaken by Brian's ALS diagnosis, they didn't crumble - they rallied together with grit and grace. Kristy became her husband's fiercest advocate and caregiver. Her commitment was matched by their children, who stepped up with maturity beyond their years.

Rather than letting ALS rip them apart, the challenges drew the Jeansonne clan tighter. Kristy made space for deep conversations about embracing every moment and prioritizing quality time as a family. The kids soaked up the lessons of patience, empathy, and cherishing loved ones. Though exhausting, caring for Brian revealed their collective resilience. Together in the trenches, they were a unit - sharing laughter and tears and squeezing every drop out of each day.

5 Uplifting Lessons from the Jeansonne Family:

1. Adapting is Thriving: When ALS tried to strip away Brian's abilities, the Jeasonnes adapted finding new ways to share experiences and even a method for Brian to pen an 83,000-word book with just his eyes.

2. Love is Intentional: Facing mortality head-on, Kristy and Brian doubled down on quality time and communication.

3. Beauty Blooms Anywhere: Even in ALS's harsh landscape, the Jeasonnes found light, laughter, and reasons to smile every day. Joy is a choice.

4. The Present is a Gift: Forced to live one day at a time, this family unlocked the gift of being utterly present and slowing down life’s pace.

5. Hope is Resilient: When the deck seemed stacked against them, the Jeasonnes' hope just wouldn't break. Their story redefines the depths of the human spirit's resilience.

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