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Episode 61: Jessica Patay is Helping Caregivers Be Braver Together

Episode 61: Jessica Patay is Helping Caregivers Be Braver Together

When crisis hits, instead of asking "Why me?" ask "What now?" because you never know what beauty can come out of a brutal hardship.

When Jessica Patay's second son Ryan was born, she knew something was different. Ryan didn't cry like other newborns and had trouble feeding. After a month in the hospital with no answers, a DNA test finally revealed Ryan had Prader-Willi syndrome - a rare genetic disorder causing low muscle tone, developmental delays, and an insatiable hunger starting in childhood.

Jessica found herself thrown into the world of caregiving for a child with extraordinary needs. But she was fortunate to quickly find a local support group and mentor parents also caring for children with Prader-Willi. This community proved vital, giving Jessica the tools, understanding, and lifeline she needed to not just survive, but to thrive as a "caregiving mom."

Over time, Jessica turned to writing and blogging to share her raw, honest journey. This awakened her passion for bringing caregivers together and empowering them through connection and community. In 2017, she founded the non-profit We Are Brave Together to serve mothers like herself on the brave path of caregiving.

5 Uplifting Lessons in Jessica’s Story:

1. The power of shared stories: Sharing our truth allows us to heal and others to feel seen, heard, and validated.

2. Normalize asking for help: As caregivers, we must have the courage to voice our needs and allow others the opportunity to be supportive "uplifters" in our lives.

3. Surround yourself with believers: Having people who understand your mission and believe in your ability to grow as a leader is critical when starting any new venture.

4. Progress over perfection: You don't have to have everything perfectly planned. Take imperfect action by using the resources you do have and believing in your vision.

5. Self-care is essential: Carve out time for the activities, relationships, and solitude that refill your cup as a human being first.

Human beings are not machines meant to simply serve others. We all need community, compassion, and the courage to prioritize our own needs as well. Jessica's story inspires us to share our authentic struggles so we can uplift and be uplifted in return.

Check out the beautiful anthology Becoming Brave Together here.

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