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EPISODE #60: Sandy Samberg is Finding Problems and Crafting Compassionate Solutions

EPISODE #60: Sandy Samberg is Finding Problems and Crafting Compassionate Solutions

"I always say instead of win or lose, it's win or learn. From each chapter, I have learned things that have then helped me with the next chapter."

~Sandy Samberg

Meet Sandy Samberg, a nurse practitioner turned serial startup founder.

Sandy’s ventures have spanned the full life journey. Her first, BABY-C, created health educational starter kits for parents & caregivers of infants. She then co-founded SOUL RYEDERS, an organization that provides personalized resources, innovative programs, and community support to people impacted by cancer. Most recently, as Director of The Joe & Sandy Samberg Foundation, she’s turned her focus to psychedelic-assisted therapies to help those approaching end-of-life as well as a wide range of mental health conditions.

Through each stage of her journey, Sandy has stayed true to her mission and purpose. She looks for problems to solve and then teams up with smart people to solve them in ways that make a positive impact on others.

Sandy's approach to problem-solving blends an attitude of humble curiosity with a willingness to take bold action. From launching a wig exchange program to involving multi-generational volunteers, she exemplifies how uplifters can create waves of change.

5 Uplifting Lessons from Sandy:

1. Identify needs and get creative about filling them. Don't be deterred if the solution doesn't yet exist - you may be the one to create it.

2. Build diverse teams of collaborators. Gather people with varied perspectives and strengths to tackle challenges together.

3. Adopt a "win or learn" mindset. View setbacks not as failures but as opportunities to gain wisdom for the next endeavor.

4. Ask, "Does this person want to be helped, heard or hugged?" Then, tune into how you can be of the greatest service.

5. Prioritize self-reflection and self-care. Make time to look inward, pinpoint areas for growth, and replenish yourself through practices that spark joy.

Sandy was nominated by the always-inspiring,

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