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Embracing the Cringe with Caroline Scruggs

Embracing the Cringe with Caroline Scruggs

Finding freedom through full self-expression

We all have cringey moments when we say or do something that not only shows our humanity and our imperfectness, but it shows a little bit more of our authentic selves than we want to show. We don't like to put ourselves out there in a way that is different than the status quo because that might lead to rejection. When you embrace the cringe with art, it's giving you practice that will reflect in your everyday life.

-Caroline Scruggs

Uplifters, we are going on a magical musical adventure with this week's guest - world traveler, songwriter, and creativity coach Caroline Scruggs!

Caroline invites us into her radically courageous creative journey and shows us how embracing imperfection helped her find her authentic voice (and resulted in a song about roadkill).

Caroline shares the power of building safe spaces for creative growth and gives us the keys to unlock our vocal confidence - starting with something as simple as a hum - even if, like me, you have some deep insecurities about singing.

Caroline's infectious energy and musical manifesto will leave you ready to leap into creative truth and self-expression. So tune in and turn up the volume! Caroline's songful story will kindle your own creative spark. You never know what beautiful tones your unique voice might hold. (Bonus: you’ll also learn what a theremin is!)

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Caroline Scruggs is a world-traveling music artist, songwriter, and voice and creativity coach. She has taught 400 creatives around the world to own their voice and express themselves authentically through the tool of songwriting with her virtual programs Uke Camp and Raise Your Voice. She is currently best known, though, for playing the theremin, the world's first electronic instrument and one of the only instruments played without physical touch! Find her on Instagram & TikTok: @Caroline_scruggs_

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