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Amy Cohen is Battling Traffic Violence Head-On

Amy Cohen is Battling Traffic Violence Head-On

We have joined with other family members who have paid the price for society's failure to act and we pour out our pain to demand action.

Amy Cohen

In today’s episode of The Uplifters Podcast Amy Cohen, co-founder of Families for Safe Streets, shares her journey from motherhood to advocacy after her son Sammy was killed in a traffic incident. 

As I prepared for this episode, I had to confront the fact that the fear of my children being hit by a car is one of my biggest worries as a parent. I was struck by a car when I was 6 years old and only barely survived. It had long-term effects on my sense of safety out in the world. I’m now raising two daughters who set off on foot into some of the most dangerous intersections in America (and maybe the world) every single day to get to school.

Just a few blocks from us, a 7-year-old from our school community was struck and killed in a traffic accident late last year.  Recent research by Families for Safe Streets showed that one in three New Yorkers has been personally impacted by traffic violence, or knows someone who has. Amy and her team of families who have been impacted by traffic tragedies are facing this crisis head-on by pouring out their pain to create change, so that we can all move through our streets more safely, in NYC and across America.


  • American streets are twice as dangerous as Canada, four times as dangerous as almost every European country, Australia, Japan, and much of Asia. 

  • Traffic violence is a preventable crisis that requires legislative and policy changes to improve road safety.

  • Advocacy and support groups like Families for Safe Streets play a crucial role in raising awareness and demanding action.

  • Personal stories and connections can amplify the impact of advocacy efforts and drive change.

  • Self-care is essential for individuals engaged in emotionally heavy work, and support from others is invaluable.

Please join me in taking action to support Sammy’s Law and Families for Safe Streets by signing a petition or making a donation.

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