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What we can learn about life from watching others die

What we can learn about life from watching others die

with Death Doula, Sundari Malcolm

At the end, almost everyone says, “I wish I had listened to other people less. I wish I had lived larger.” It makes me cry to think about it, to imagine myself at the end of my life, and to think I had the chance, but I didn't out of fear or out of self-imposed limitations. I want to go out knowing I tried everything and I did everything.

Today, as part of our month-long series on grief, we are joined by Sundari Malcolm, who has experienced way more than her fair share of grief (if there is such a thing).

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At 27 years old, and after seven years of being her Caregiver, Sundari lost her mother to Breast Cancer. Four years later, she lost her father. As a death doula and a BIPOC Grief Educator and Care Curator for The Dinner Party, she has immersed herself in life’s final moments and what comes afterward for those who grieve. Along the way, she’s learned how to live.

In this conversation we discuss

  • Anticipatory grief during caregiving

  • How Sundari found roots after losing both parents at an early age

  • The importance of setting boundaries during intense periods of loss and caregiving

  • How to find and create safe spaces for grieving

  • The power of seasonal reflection and intention-setting

  • How Sundari uses a "self-care bowl" to bring play to her self-care

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Sundari is a native New Yorker, born to Yogi parents, and raised with the teachings of Integral Yoga. Since losing her parents, Sundari has made it her mission to equip people with the tools they need to manage life’s greatest transitions. She sits as the BIPOC Grief Educator and Care Curator for The Dinner Party. Sundari is a Birth, Grief, and Death Doula. She is the founder of A Healing Doula. She is a Yoga and Meditation teacher and a recent publisher of the book Grief Gems.

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