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The Passive Income Passionista

The Passive Income Passionista

Tai Abrams teaches us how to fund our dreams 💸

What's limiting us is that we're not thinking big enough. We're not being creative in how we design our time. Once we do that on a deeper level, we can create what we want. Financial freedom is emotional freedom, time freedom, and location freedom: The ability to be who you were meant to be.

In today’s episode of The Uplifters Podcast, you'll meet Tai Abrams, nominated by episode 25's Kymme Williams. 

Tai is the founder and CEO of Admission Squad Prep, a test prep company that helps talented students from underserved backgrounds in New York City place into the city's most competitive high schools. She's also the author of four books, including Who Am I? An A to Z Career Guide for Teens and Teach Me How to Invest Mommy, which supports early financial literacy. 

Tai has now turned her focus to helping Uplifters create passive income portfolios so that we can fund our inner fires and enjoy personal, professional, and financial freedom.  

It is never too late to design the life of your dreams. Always remember that your best life is contained in the details. Get clear. Get specific. Get focused. Before you know it, your life can completely change as long as you take the right action.

Here are a few of the tips and resources she shares in this energizing conversation:

Calculate Your Freedom Number:

  • Take a holistic approach to finance. Create a lifetime budget covering everything from family plans to retirement. Use that number to determine what it would take to retire when you want to and create a plan for financial freedom.

Diversify Your Income Portfolio:

  • Explore various income streams aligned with your interests and values. Tai suggests platforms like Etsy, Amazon, and Airbnb, each offering unique opportunities depending on your risk tolerance and earnings goals.

Automate and Delegate:

  • Invest in automating processes and strategic support to complement your domain expertise and maximize the time you spend working.

Venture with Values:

  • While your passive income sources must align with your financial goals and current resources, you’ll ultimately get the most out of your passive income-generating activities if they align with your areas of passion and purpose.

Keep Exploring:

Tai’s Uplifter Self-Care

“I have committed myself to eating foods that provide top-tier nutrition and boundless energy. I also enjoy running so I hold space for it in my life. By creating digital, passive income, I have been able to get time back to do more of the things I love.”

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