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Sean Wachter is Kicking Cancer's A$$

Sean Wachter is Kicking Cancer's A$$

And proving that there's lots of living that can happen during and after cancer

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To not be of service and live my life to the fullest after receiving so much support would be spitting in the face of anyone who ever believed in me.

Sean Wachter

Sean Wachter is a business guy, a husband, and a father of two young girls. He also happens to be a former two-sport collegiate athlete and a former pro football player, and after battling and surviving a rare form of melanoma, he is using wrestling – of all things – to raise awareness and raise funding for cancer research (all while finishing his MBA and working with several major cancer organizations).

Sean’s story challenges us all to live large, make the most of every moment, and maybe even do big, crazy sh*t to make a difference. His story is so inspiring that he’s our very first male Uplifter Ambassador! 🌟

What you’ll hear in this episode

  1. How this video of Inky Johnson changed the course of Sean’s life

  2. How a rare cancer saved Sean’s life and gave him his family and a powerful purpose

  3. How Sean ended up in a wrestling ring at almost 40- winning titles and raising lots of money to fight cancer

Thanks to Janet Prete for nominating Sean. Follow Sean’s adventures inside and outside the ring on Instagram and LinkedIn.

After you listen, grab your ticket 🎟️ for Uplifters Live on May 17, where you’ll meet Sean and 26 of the other Uplifters Ambassadors that you’ve met on our podcast! Learn all about this one-day in-person gathering for creative growth and collaboration HERE.

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