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Rahti Gorfien is Helping us Overcome the 5 Emotions Blocking our Desires

Rahti Gorfien is Helping us Overcome the 5 Emotions Blocking our Desires

If you know what you want, but you're not doing it, there's some exploration to be done. -Rahti Gorfien

Rahti Gorfien is a one-of-a-kind coach for creatives and adults with ADHD. From her hazy days as a young, mischievous actress to embracing her new identity as "Rahti" in an ashram to earning the impressive distinction of getting kicked out of a cult, her journey towards self-discovery and purpose is a wild and wonderful ride.

These days, Rahti spends her time guiding others to overcome the "Five Emotions That Stop Success" - shame, grandiosity, envy, boredom, and fear. Get ready for juicy storytelling and eye-opening insights as she joyfully calls out our self-sabotaging BS with her signature playful candor.

Whether you're a creative soul, a self-proclaimed weirdo, or just desperately seeking some clarity amongst the chaos, Rahti's take on unlocking your truest desires will leave you feeling uplifted and ready to embrace your beautiful imperfections.

5 Musings to Marinate On:

1. The uncomfortable pause after "I don't know" is where the magic happens. Stay there.

2. Negative emotions like shame, grandiosity, and boredom are just hauntingly fun masks. You decide if you want to keep wearing them.

3. FOMO on not completing that project? Just get 'er done, baby! Imperfect efforts still count as success. (She calls this “completing the gesture,” which I love!)

4. Wanting to be famous and wanting to be significant are two very different (and delicious) cookies. Which one are you actually craving?

5. Chocolate for breakfast, dancing with odd creatures, and sleeping 'til whenever - self-care is an art.

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