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New Episode: How to Find Freedom and Happiness in Full-Time Travel

New Episode: How to Find Freedom and Happiness in Full-Time Travel

with Coach Heather Markel

🌍Do you dream of a life where you can break free from the monotony, explore the world, and live on your terms?

In our latest episode, I talk to Heather Markel, a coach to people who want to become full-time travelers. 

Heather worked in a corporate 9-5 but dreamed of traveling full-time. Every year, she’d talk herself out of it, though. She finally realized that if she didn’t do it, she’d spend the rest of her life regretting it, so she took the leap. In this conversation, you’ll discover the insights, challenges, and wisdom gained from Heather's journey to life on her own terms, and learn how you can also embrace a life of adventure and authenticity.

Key Takeaways:

  1. *Listen to Your Heart:* Heather emphasizes the importance of tuning into your inner voice, challenging societal norms, and following your heart's desires.

  2. *Journey Over Destination:* Discover how the challenges of travel led Heather to realize that the true value lies in the journey, not just the destination.

  3. *Embracing Change:* Heather discusses how navigating major life transitions involves uncertainty, but it also opens the door to self-discovery and growth.

  4. *Financial Freedom:* Explore the misconception that you need excessive wealth to lead a fulfilling life, and how a minimalist approach while traveling can lead to greater happiness.

  5. *Solo Travel:* Overcome the fear of solo travel by understanding the importance of building confidence and gradually expanding your comfort zone.

Topics Discussed:

  1. The transformative moment in Costa Rica that sparked Heather’s full-time travel journey.

  2. Facing challenges, from giant cockroaches in a beach tent to the dilemma of reaching a destination without a map.

  3. The importance of focusing on where you can go rather than fixating on unreachable destinations.

  4. The inward journey of self-discovery during the first year of full-time travel.

  5. The decision-making process that led Heather to commit to a life of continuous exploration.

  6. Finding mentors and role models on the road and the unexpected sources of inspiration.

  7. Managing hurdles and safety concerns while traveling solo.

  8. The evolving perception of full-time travel and the growing community of travelers embracing it.

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