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New Episode: Do It (or Don’t) with Kara Cutruzzula

New Episode: Do It (or Don’t) with Kara Cutruzzula

How to Activate Your Dreams (if you want to)

Are you struggling to take the first steps toward your dreams or keep them moving forward? Author Kara Cutruzzula and I have become experts at this. But we don’t do it alone, thanks to a superpowered weekly phone call + run that we call VFTR (Virtual Friday Therapy Run). In celebration of Kara’s awesome new book Do It (or Don’t), the third in her bestselling series which includes Do It For Yourself and Do It Today, we wanted to invite you along for a VFTR with us! You’ll hear us challenge and inspire each other, and our hope is that you’ll be able to take some of these ideas and apply them to your own big dreams — no running required!  

5 things you’ll learn:

  • How to overcome the paralysis of inaction by breaking down tasks and focusing on the first steps.

  • How closing Open Loops can contribute to a calmer, focused mindset.

  • How to work with your mind’s natural rhythms, create deep work blocks, and align your schedule with your priorities.

  • The power of authentic connections and building a supportive community around your goals.

  • How we embrace challenges as opportunities for growth, learning, and refining our paths.

Lace up your shoes (or not) and let’s goooooo! 

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After you listen, order journals for yourself and everyone on your holiday list! What better gift could there be than working through these prompts with someone who uplifts you? Links below for easy access:

Do It (or Don't)

Do It Today

Do It For Yourself

More about Kara:

Kara Cutruzzula is a writer, editor, playwright, and musical theater lyricist. Her work is meant to inspire and delight viewers and readers. Her most recent book, Do It (or Don’t): A Boundary-Creating Journal, encourages readers to say “no” more often and reclaim their time for what matters most.

Where to find Kara:



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