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New Episode: Age Enthusiasm

New Episode: Age Enthusiasm

Embracing Midlife Wellness with Denise Pines

🎙️ New Podcast Alert!

The latest episode of The Uplifters Podcast is here! This time, I talk to Denise Pines, an age enthusiast, community health advocate, and media pioneer. Discover her journey into midlife wellness and pro-aging health. From hot flashes to mental reset, this episode will leave you feeling empowered, no matter your age! 💪

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🙏🏽 Huge thanks to another woman who shifts the paradigms of aging,

, for nominating and introducing Denise!

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Episode Summary

Introduction of Denise Pines:

- Denise Pines is introduced as an "age enthusiast," a longtime community health advocate, and a media pioneer. She is an expert in midlife wellness.

- Denise is the co-founder of Tea Botanics and the founder of WisePause Wellness, a pro-aging health and education platform.

- She is also the founder of the Femaging Project, which hosts pitch competitions with investors for innovation designed for women aged 40+.

Denise's Background:

- Denise's background is discussed, including her role as the immediate past president of the Medical Board of California and her involvement in various medical boards.

- Her experience as an award-winning filmmaker who has produced 11 documentaries is highlighted.

Entering the Menopause Space:

- Denise shares that she entered the menopause space after experiencing a hot flash, which was her wake-up call.

- She reflects on how she didn't understand the experiences of menopause and had not been kind to her older friends who went through it.

- The lack of early conversations with physicians about the transition into menopause is discussed, along with the need for more education on menopausal symptoms.

Natural Approach to Menopause:

- Denise discusses her preference for a natural approach to managing menopause symptoms.

- She shares her experience with a naturopathic doctor who introduced her to a tea that helped reduce her hot flashes.

- The importance of understanding the impact of aging on nutritional needs and the need for nutritious foods is highlighted.

- Denise emphasizes the role of knowledge and access to information in making informed choices about managing menopause.

Transforming Perceptions of Menopause:

- Denise shares her vision of helping women approach menopause positively and resolve their symptoms to thrive during this life stage.

- The idea of finding a "new normal" during menopause is discussed.

- Denise emphasizes the economic potential and wisdom that women in midlife bring to society.

Impact on Brain Health:

- The impact of perimenopause on brain health is discussed, including the potential connection between hot flashes and reduced oxygen to the brain.

- Research on brain changes during perimenopause is mentioned, and the importance of addressing cognitive changes is highlighted.

Positive Perspectives on Aging:

- Denise shares her belief in embracing different life stages and perspectives.

- We discuss what it means to be one's 5-year-old self, 16-year-old self, and 50-year-old self.

Setting Boundaries:

- Denise discusses the importance of setting boundaries and maintaining them.

- She shares her approach to setting boundaries with technology and how she communicates them to her team.

Morning Routine:

- Denise describes her morning routine, which includes 10 belly breaths, capturing thoughts, and focusing on her priorities.

Positive Media Consumption:

- The importance of consuming positive and uplifting media and stories is highlighted along with the impact of the stories we surround ourselves with and the environments we create.

Closing Thoughts:

- The episode ends with a discussion of the transformative impact of one's environment, including the people and stories in one's life.

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