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Learning to Use Our Voices

Learning to Use Our Voices

Rola Ghasani's Journey of Intentional Living

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In Episode 28, you’ll hear the inspiring story of Rola Ghasani, who was born in Lebanon, raised in Australia, and now lives in Texas. She was the youngest of a large family, quieted by the voices of others throughout her life. She observed the toll silence took on her mother and was determined to provide a different model for her three daughters. 

Learning to use her voice set Rola on a mission to care for her mind and body to minimize distress and disease. In this episode, you’ll learn the transformative self-care practices she turns back to daily to help her thrive and the F Method she created to help others find their voices and design lives of holistic richness.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • The links between repressed emotion and chronic illness

  • The 5 factors of Rola’s F Method

  • The simple and transformative EFT Tapping Method

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Keep Learning

Click here to check the heart coherence meditation Rola practices each morning.

Learn more about Tapping here.

Episode Summary


- Rola's early life in Australia as the youngest of eight children, born to Lebanese parents who migrated due to the civil war

- Rola's transition into adulthood, marriage, and motherhood 

- The realization of the importance of self-care and self-discovery in Rola's forties, triggered by the passing of her mother and the desire to lead a more fulfilling life.


- Rola introduces her holistic approach to self-care known as the "F method," which focuses on five key areas: fitness, family, finances, future, and fun.


- We explore the profound impact of self-care on family dynamics, discussing how taking care of oneself can transform relationships with loved ones.

- The importance of authentic calmness and communication within the family 


- Rola shares her daily self-care routine, which includes meditation, journaling, EFT tapping, and physical fitness.

- The significance of finding joy and fun in everyday activities is highlighted, with encouragement for listeners to prioritize activities they love to enhance overall well-being.

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