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Konika Ray Wong is Celebrating the Cycle

Konika Ray Wong is Celebrating the Cycle

How a former science teacher is normalizing body changes and menstruation

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What if we shifted the words puberty and perimenopause to mean growth?

Konika Ray Wong

One year into the Uplifters Podcast, sharing stories of inspiring women and understanding how they overcome obstacles and grow, and yet, we haven’t talked about periods once! I’m 49 years old (as of yesterday 🎂) and live with two teen daughters, so there’s plenty of talk about periods (coming and going) in our house.

In this candid episode, I'm joined by Konika Ray Wong, founder of Girl Power Science, mom, and former science teacher. Together, we dive into the importance of body literacy and empowering girls during puberty and women navigating perimenopause.

Get ready to explore:

🌺 How Konika's upbringing shaped her passion for this work

🔥 The surprising "superpowers" (yes, including mood swings!) of each menstrual phase

🌈 Practical tips for supporting girls through their first periods

🌼 Reframing puberty and perimenopause as privileged growth opportunities

💫 Actionable steps to develop deeper body literacy

Whether you're a woman, a girl, or someone who loves one, this open discussion will shed light on the beauty and power of the menstrual cycle. Hit play for an empowering look at this often-taboo topic!

Learn more about Konika and Girl Power Science at or on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, YouTube @girlpowerscience.

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