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Kathrine Switzer is Still Running Toward Fearlessness

Kathrine Switzer is Still Running Toward Fearlessness

Everybody expects me to quit. Everybody wants me to quit. If I quit that's what they're going to say all women do. I'm not going to quit.

-Kathrine Switzer

In 1967, a young runner named Kathrine Switzer made history by becoming the first woman to officially enter the Boston Marathon. Her defiant act of fearlessness paved the way for generations of female athletes.

As Kathrine took off down the marathon course, an infuriated official named Jock Semple realized she was a woman and tried to forcibly remove her from the race. In a dramatic scene captured in a series of Pulitzer Prize-winning photographs, Semple lunged at Kathrine and tried to rip off her bib number. Her boyfriend at the time, a burly hammer thrower, shoved Semple away, allowing Kathrine to keep running and ultimately finish the race.

That pivotal moment sparked a lifetime journey for Kathrine to challenge gender barriers and create opportunities for women in running and beyond. From organizing some of the first women-only road races to helping lobby for the women's marathon to be included in the Olympics, her fearless determination left an indelible mark.

Now, 57 years later, Kathrine continues to inspire through her nonprofit 261 Fearless, emboldening women around the world to unleash their inner strength as runners, coaches, and human beings.

In celebration of this Monday's Boston Marathon, where half the runners will be women, here are 5 Uplifting Lessons from Kathrine Switzer that you'll hear in episode 55:

1. Fear can be a catalyst for courage. Kathrine used the opposition and doubters as fuel to propel her forward.

2. Create opportunities where there are none. When women were excluded, Kathrine organized new races and events to open doors.

3. Big dreams take persistence. It has taken decades to make running accessible to women globally, but Kathrine never gave up.

4. Pass the torch to the next generation. At 77, Kathrine is focused on empowering future leaders to carry her mission forward.

5. Fearlessness applies to all aspects of life. Kathrine's spirit extends beyond running into facing fears, pursuing potential, and living boldly.

Connect with Kathrine on Instagram and read more about 261 Fearless and the upcoming Every Women’s Marathon.

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