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How to set goals that actually get done

How to set goals that actually get done

With Robin Hopkins

It’s that time of year when we reassess what’s working, ask ourselves what we want more and less of, set intentions for the year ahead, and wonder if this year will actually be different than last, all while quietly hoping that this is the year that will be.

Some of the things we do at this time of year can be really helpful. Many of them are counterproductive and defeating. After 20 years in the goal-getting industry, I feel a big responsibility this time of year to challenge the mental models that help us and those that don’t tend to work so well.

So, I called in one of my funniest new friends, Robin Hopkins, an actor, writer, host of Well…Adjusting Podcast, and the gal behind the Substack page

where you can find stories about parenting, finances, taking care of yourself, and other life stuff.

In the latest episode of The Uplifters Podcast, we talk about mindset tricks and traps, including:

  • Why resolutions don’t work

  • Why we get so fired up to set resolutions to speed up at this time of year- even if it’s a time better suited to slowing down

  • How to take advantage of sparks of motivation and fire them up

  • How to work toward goals we want, but that are out of our control

  • The magical difference a little supportive accountability can make in our goal-getting

Could you use an extra boost this year? Robin and I think it would be fun to crew up this year to help us all stay truer to our goals, celebrate tiny progress that we might miss otherwise, and cheer each other on. Want to join us? Complete the form linked below to share your goal and we will reach out with next steps.

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