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Gerilynn Berg is Raising the Bar(bell) on What an Aging Body Can Achieve 🏋🏼‍♀️

Gerilynn Berg is Raising the Bar(bell) on What an Aging Body Can Achieve 🏋🏼‍♀️

Have you ever thought you were too old to try something new? In today's episode of The Uplifters Podcast, Gerilynn Berg is going to prove it's never too late. In fact, like Gerilynn, your whole life may have been preparing you for your next big adventure.

Recently, on her 70th birthday, Gerilynn competed in a bodybuilding competition. She oiled up, taped her breasts in place, slid on her stilettos and a skimpy bikini, and strutted her stuff while competing with women at least 25 years younger. You can see a clip of her big moment here.

Gerilynn recognizes bodybuilding isn't for everyone, but believes fitness is. Her goal is to bust the myth that getting older automatically leads to declining fitness and less vitality. She's living proof that getting fit at any age is possible if you're willing to challenge self-limiting beliefs.

Competing on her 70th birthday was particularly momentous for Gerilynn, as she is a recent cancer survivor – something she thought she'd never have to say. Two years ago, she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Even though the prognosis was good, she didn't know if she would celebrate her 70th birthday. She is not 100% cancer-free, but she continues her rigorous strength training and nutrition discipline, believing a strong body helps you have a strong mind, be fearless and courageous, and overcome life's most challenging obstacles.

A few uplifting lessons we can all take from Gerilynn:

* The three Ms – mindset, muscles, and macros – are key elements in achieving fitness goals.

* Having a supportive community and friends can greatly impact your fitness journey.

* Strength training is essential for building lean muscle and improving body composition.

* Setting goals and embracing challenges can lead to personal growth and transformation.

* Fitness and wellness are lifelong pursuits that can enrich us at any age.

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