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EPISODE #44 Accepting life when it isn’t what we imagined

EPISODE #44 Accepting life when it isn’t what we imagined

Lia De Feo’s story of infant losses, surrogacy, and motherhood

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I hope that my story will provide hope to people out there who need it, and peace to those who are accepting a life that isn’t what they envisioned.

Lia: I always wanted to be a mother. I always had a maternal instinct. I always wanted to raise a child.

Aransas: What did you imagine the journey to motherhood would be?

Lia: The journey to motherhood would begin with falling madly in love with a man who would be an amazing partner and father. And that would happen a lot sooner than it actually did. I understood that becoming pregnant might be more challenging for me. But I thought the challenge would be in getting pregnant and that once I was pregnant, the vision was that pregnancy was going to be wonderful. It was gonna be this beautiful experience. We tried for quite a long time on our own, and then we did IUI. And I thought it was gonna be smooth sailing from there. It wasn't.

Nothing about activist, author, and mother-through-surrogacy, Lia De Feo’s, journey to motherhood was what she expected. Her story is marked by extraordinary heartbreak over and over again, but it’s also a story of the transformative power of community, sharing our truth, and finding purpose through pain.

Please listen and share Lia’s story with the people who need to hear it.


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