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Becoming a self-healer

Becoming a self-healer

With Rachel Everson Fink

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“I love service and time with people. So you add service to time with people and I'm there for it. But, with a person who's not gonna honor those as my love languages, it can bleed into this idea of becoming a friend’s accidental personal assistant.”

When Rachel Everson Fink was in her 20s healing from anorexia and an abusive relationship, she discovered the power to change her health through meditation, yoga, quality food, qi gong, and Intention Based Field Resonance Testing.

Like so many Uplifters, Rachel Everson Fink loves to give and serve, and she feels things deeply. And like so many of us, she’s learned the hard way that without consistent boundaries, she can lose herself in caring for others.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The steps Rachel took to learn how to care for herself

  • How she teaches her patients to become self-healers

  • The difference between emotional transparency and emotional vulnerability (Somebody call Brené Brown because Rachel’s insight on this kinda blew my mind.)

  • What it means to be an overfunctioner and what to do about it

  • Ways to let go of what was never really yours to carry

  • And as a special bonus, Rachel will guide us through two of the most powerful practices she uses with her clients

Rachel was nominated for The Uplifters Podcast by Jaclyn Dupont. Join Rachel, Jaclyn, me, and a bunch of other inspiring women in NYC on May 17 for Uplifters Live. You can learn all about it HERE.

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