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A quick intro: I’ve been a coach, facilitator, and behavior change expert for 20 years, working with incredible women to help make their dreams come true. I started The Uplifters Podcast so that we can all learn and grow together!

This podcast and newsletter are dedicated to celebrating the Uplifters: the teachers, the coaches, the caregivers, and the servant leaders who can get so focused on helping everyone around them that they forget to nurture their dreams to go, see, and do big things.

But, it’s not too late.

Here we share the tools and strategies Uplifters use to bolster themselves, sustain their Work, and go after their purpose. 

What you’ll find here

  • The deeply personal stories of interesting and inspiring women who have worked through challenges to create big, joyful lives 

  • The way their blocks and barriers became tools for success

  • The powerful mindset techniques you can use to create your biggest life

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Why Workshops?

I truly believe that Uplifters have the power to change the world, and that starts with us taking good care of ourselves and our dreams. While podcasts and stories are wonderful at inspiring us and helping us discover new ways to approach old challenges, much of the time life and old habits get in the way of us turning these big new ideas into powerfully transformative gameplans. 

Over the course of my long career, I have designed and facilitated thousands of virtual and in-person empowerment workshops. I’ve seen firsthand the magic that happens when Uplifters gather to share challenges, learn from one another, and turn ideas into action. In our new monthly Uplifter Workshops, you’ll learn powerful techniques, gain new perspectives, connect with other Uplifters, and create strategies for your real-life goals and challenges.

For example, for our very first Uplifter Workshop, I teamed up with coach Susannah Ludwig, one of our amazing guests. In her episode, you heard the steps we took to visualize and create big changes in our lives. In the workshop, Susannah and I guide Uplifters through these steps, drawing on our own experience and the hundreds of clients we’ve coached through this process. 

I've used this technique to get healthier, stop smoking, find my soulmate, and for all of my big career moves. I can say with absolute confidence that it works! Sign up to support The Uplifters for $8/month, then join us live for our next workshop, or via a recording. 

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About Aransas:

Aransas Savas CPC, ELI-MP, is a veteran Wellbeing and Leadership Coach, certified by the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching and The International Coaching Federation.

She has spent her career at the intersection of research, behavior change, coaching and experience strategy. She has created a uniquely holistic and proven approach to coaching that blends practical, science-backed techniques with energy coaching. 

She has partnered with customer experience strategists, at companies like Weight Watchers, Best Buy, Truist, Edward Jones, US Bank, and many more, to apply the power of coaching and behavior change science to guide customers on meaningful, and often, transformative, journeys.

As a facilitator on a mission to democratize wellbeing, she has coached thousands of group sessions teaching participants across socio- economic levels to leverage the wellbeing techniques once reserved for the wellness elite.

Aransas is the founder of LiveUp Daily, a coaching community for uplifting women who grow and thrive by building their dreams together.

Based in Brooklyn, Aransas is a 20-time marathoner, a news wife, and mother to a 200-year old sourdough culture, a fluffy pup and two spirited, creative girls.The Uplifters Podcast is dedicated to all of you, and it belongs to you. The dream has always been to use the podcast as a vehicle to connect and support Uplifters. I am thrilled to share that there will now be a new way for you to support this work and connect, learn, and grow with other Uplifters! 

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I am a veteran Wellbeing and Leadership Coach (CPC, ELI-MP, IPEC), and I’ve worked with the world’s leading behavior change scientists and companies to help them create more meaningful motivation. Now I host The Uplifters Podcast.