Nov 3 • 43M

AUDIO EP: Anxious Moms Unite: Discussing Kids' Independence

Aransas Savas of 'the Uplifters' and Robin Hopkins of 'Sh!t I Learned From My Crappy Childhood' chat navigating parental stress when it's time to let your kids venture into the world.

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Robin Hopkins
Aransas Savas
Writer, actress, podcast host, Robin Hopkins talks life lessons from a crappy childhood. She chats family, parenting, childhood, and sometimes, running away from your past.
Hey Uplifters! We have a special bonus podcast episode for you today with Robin Hopkins. Robin and I (re?)met recently and discovered that we both host podcasts, have kids at the same school, and are feeling anxious about sending those kids off into the world. The timing of this conversation couldn't be more perfect since my "baby" becomes a teenager TODAY!! Please listen to this episode and then give us all of your best advice on how to find the balance between careless and crazy for these next few years. (Also, if you're listening, the word I couldn't remember mid-conversation is resentful. I guess I better ask my therapist why I have a mental block on that word.) -

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Aransas Savas has been a coach, facilitator, and behavior change expert for 20 years, working with incredible women to help make their dreams come true. She started The Uplifters Podcast so that we can all learn and grow together!

Her podcast and newsletter are dedicated to celebrating the Uplifters: the teachers, the coaches, the caregivers, and the servant leaders who can get so focused on helping everyone around them that they forget to nurture their dreams to go, see, and do big things.

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Robin Hopkins is a writer, actor, producer, and podcast host of two podcasts; Well…Adjusting and Dear Headspace. She’s also the lady behind the substack page “Shit I Learned From My Crappy Childhood.” You should subscribe if you like funny stories about life that have you laughing one minute, and crying the next, followed directly by the urge to either call your bestie to plan that friend’s weekend or apologize to your sister for that thing you did when you were eight (you know what you did.) It wasn’t your fault. You were just a kid.

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